PVC profiles develop in China
Refers to the production for PVC doors and Windows profile in Germany since the late 1950 s, China introducing from the year 1983, became popular in the late 1990 s. Because at the beginning PVC profile processing strength is weak, usually in the cavity in steel doors and Windows of the firm, so the internal profile increased steel production of plastic doors and Windows is often referred to as steel doors and Windows. Widespread use of plastic doors and Windows, steel doors and Windows production of PVC profiles used to be called steel profile.
PVC 型材

Upvc plastic material
Chinese name plasitc profile steel (SUGANG)
Sharply in the production of PVC Windows and doors
Appear at the end of the 20th century, Germany in the fifties has emerged
Introduce our country introduced since 1983
The contents of the table
1 the structure
2 the main features
3 three categories
Forced the window frame
Forced the push-pull window
Forced the suspension
Forced the swing
Forced the sliding door
4 identification method
Five major functions
6 production methods
Forced the store
Forced the cutting
Drilling and milling
Forced the welding
Forced the clearance Angle
Forced to install
7 installation
8 development
1 the structure
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PVC profile is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a percentage of the stabilizing agent, dyeing agent, filler, uv absorber, extrusion formation of the configuration file.
Ordinary steel profile will be out of shape, color, usually white, if you want to change the color should be in the film and PVC, PVC membrane disappeared.
Auto supplies industry the use of plastic, the material is relatively high, the most typical is the engine protection plate, has been widely used in most of the passengers.
Steel is also used in the production of tapered roller bearing retainer. Plastic clip are: 1, to reduce the friction and roller slide, low operating temperature; 2, improve the security and performance; 3, fail safe mode, not sleepy.
2 the main features
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PVC profiles
PVC profiles
Steel profile steel, the main chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as PVC profiles. Is a new kind of building materials has been widely used, because of their physical properties such as hardness, flexibility, corrosion resistance, good effect of anti-aging, is commonly used in copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal good alternatives.
Well in housing construction is mainly used for sliding, window, door guardrail, pipeline and ceiling material application of new process is widely used in automobile engine protection plate, not only light weight, good toughness and natural, sometimes referred to as the alloy steel.
PVC profile can extend a large area of application, and gradually replace the wood and aluminum Windows and doors, and its unique advantages are inseparable. With aluminum and steel doors, wooden doors and Windows has the following advantages:
1. Cheaper price, the price is far lower than the plastic aluminum with the same strength and durability, due to metal prices have risen sharply this advantage is more and more obvious.
2. Rich in color: color steel profile is suitable for the building to add a lot of beauty.
The door and steel profile
The door and steel profile
Before using the wooden doors and Windows, doors and the appearance of the building in order to achieve harmony, interface of the ultraviolet paint doors and Windows, the paint peeling easy ageing, a few years beyond recognition, and the architecture of the life is very harmonious. After the invention of the color aluminum doors and Windows, but expensive, consumers can’t afford it. The use of plastic doors and Windows perfect to solve this problem, you can even do a color film archives as real wood grain effect.
3. Durable: profile is added to the enhanced cavity steel, the strength of the profile is greatly increased, and the earthquake, the effects of weathering. In addition to the structure of multi – chamber profiles, personal drainage chamber, water can’t enter room to strengthen steel, steel doors and Windows to avoid corrosion life improved. Add the uv resistance also makes the profile steel can improve the resistance to ultraviolet strongly guarantee even in the tropics.
4. Good insulation properties: PVC profile itself far thermal conductivity of aluminum, in addition to the multi-cavity structure design is to realize the insulation effect. Studies have shown that the same type of room use plastic doors and Windows aluminum alloy doors and Windows of the room in summer indoor temperature lower than the average 5-7 ℃, in different regions will have this ℃ in winter.
5. Good insulation properties, sealing the noise performance of a steel door and window sound insulation hollow glass door has become the main selection criteria, especially in the house of the city centre. Plastic doors and Windows assembly welding technology, combined with multi-cavity structure, close the screen sound effect is very obvious.
The wide use of plastic material, some disadvantages will be exposed. Most of the poor quality of the steel profile configuration file using the lead salt stabilizer, refined lead level is between 0.6% – 1.2%. Lead is a kind of harmful substances, when the poor quality of aging, will speed up the lead dust, make the long-term exposure to lead in the blood, and even lead poisoning. The introduction of calcium, zinc and organic tin lead product formula to solve the problem, but due to the price of the immature and technical reasons, no large-scale application. [1]
3 three categories
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1 news will be divided into: fixed Windows, hanging in the window, hanging on the window, hanging in the window, change the Windows, window, door and window pulley, the pulley Windows, hanging doors, sliding doors open to the next level, sliding plane open Windows, folding door, the door of the spring, to improve the sliding doors, folding doors, sliding sliding door.
2 according to the performance can be divided into: general type of Windows and doors Windows sound insulation, heat insulation Windows.
3 according to the application site is divided into: internal and external doors and Windows.
Window frame
Advantage is a large open area, good ventilation, good sealing, good sound insulation, heat insulation, impermeability. Open gondola in easily, do not open the open space. Defect is window width smaller field of vision. Out of the window open to capture a piece of wall space, vulnerable when strong winds; And the window of the heart is a part of interior space, not easy to use screen, screen, window curtains, and other inconvenient time, such as quality, however, will penetrate to rain.
The sliding window
Tuila advantage is simple, elegant, large window glass block, vision, lighting, easy to cabo, flexible, safe and reliable, long life, on the plane, takes up less space, easy to install the screen and so on. By far the most commonly used is the sliding window. Disadvantage is can’t open two Windows only half open, the air is relatively worse; Sometimes slightly less adhesiveness. Sliding window: left, right, up and down sliding two kinds. Has the advantages of push-pull window do not take up interior space, beautiful appearance, affordable, good seal. High-grade slides, push gently, open and flexible. Combined with the glass of large area, increasing the lighting of the room, but also to enhance the overall appearance of the building. Power belt good condition, not damaged, but is limited by certain ventilated areas.
In the suspension
By hanging in an aluminium alloy window, after model steel window. It is developed on the basis of a new form of casement window. There are two ways to open it, can be flat open, but also in the open. Casement closing, inward pull at the top of the window, you can open a gap of about 10 cm, that is to say, the window can be opened from the top down, open the part of the hanging in the air, through a hinge fixed straps, so-called pause. Its advantages are: ventilation, to ensure safety, because of the hinge, the window can be opened only 10 cm seam, not from outside, especially suitable for use when no one was home. Under the sliding window can also open the suspension.
Swing open door with single and double Swing: single door means that only one door, the door has two doors. Swing into unidirectional and bidirectional open open. Single action only in one direction only push pull (internal or external) is a two-way open doors can be opened two directions (such as spring door). Swing is relative to the other one way to open points, and mobile opened the door and up, the shutter vertical lifting, lifting, rotating and so on.
Sliding doors
Sliding doors from China, South Korea and Japan spread Chinese culture. To promote the door in the meaning of a word: pull; From the aspects of materials: wood, metal and organic and inorganic materials, the use of the term: door bookcase, wardrobe, bedroom, living room, showroom and use. Sliding doors originated in China, South Korea and Japan spread Chinese culture. It is hard to track the specific time, but you can see some Chinese paintings scattered sliding door, such as the song dynasty landscape painting, a sliding door. The original sliding door of the bedroom or bathhouse wardrobe sliding door, but with the development of technology and diversified means of decoration, from the tradition of the surface of the steel plate, glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum door, folding door, sliding door, partition function and the enlargement in the sliding doors. In this case, the use of sliding door becomes rich and diversified. In addition to the most common type of partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in shelves, cabinets, living room, hall, push-pull doors, etc.
4 identification method
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Know the advantages of steel profiles, there are two points. A look at the appearance, quality file size uniform, the reasonable structure of the cavity, soothing colors, and protective film to stick, no bubble, extension part of the wall thickness is usually 2 mm. Second, look at the security code, real security code printing steel file, the jagged 20 digits, digital clear and easy to identify, no repeat, indelible. Encoding digital fuzzy inferior steel profiles, easy to erase, a number that more than one repeat.
First look at the package configuration file (that is, the protective film also release profile trademark) is smooth, with or without bubbles, from one end to the other end is not in a straight line. Counterfeit trademark behavior profile after the release of the manual, there will be a lot of bubbles, and bending, the quality is very poor, look carefully you can see. Remove protective film to see the surface, the surface is very smooth and good material, not smaller, brightness, color really white (like milk) see of wall thickness, thickness of good profile can achieve two millimeters or more, resilient, wall configuration file can be vice clamp, back and forth, a good image is not easy to fall, winter is not applicable, because of the relatively low winter temperatures become very fragile plastic) on strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state industry environment do not allow the processing steel window below 10 degrees. And the security tags and the real profile will safety sign, in general, will not be able to distinguish true and false inquiry, there will be four to six coding group in 6 m long section of the writing is clear and complete tag group, (fake data using a very simple manual factory after transfer machine brush, fuzzy), mark the group’s real image is unique, and false information (by batch) coding group is the same (the cost of equipment), the relationship between the also asked check mark.
Five major functions
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1, heat preservation: PVC profile multi-cavity structure, good insulation performance, low heat transfer coefficient is only about 1/357 1/357 of the steel, aluminum, its economic and social benefits are enormous.
2, air tightness: all gap steel doors and Windows installation is equipped with rubber seals and top, so the tension is much higher than aluminum doors and Windows air-tight steel swing above the sliding window. Tightness. Under normal circumstances, casement stuffy 5, two push-pull window.
3, watertight: because PVC profile has a unique multi – chamber structure, is independent of the discharge chamber, framework, or the fan discharge water can effectively waterproof steel window Windows are much higher than the sliding window. Under normal circumstances, five watertight casement, three to four of the sliding window.
4, the wind pressure, in a separate plastic material cavity can add 1.5 ~ 3 mm thick steel lining, according to the local wind pressure, the height of the building, hole size, window choose the thickness of the steel design and configuration activities, to ensure the doors and Windows construction requirements. High-rise building optional large cross section or window sash Windows, wind pressure strength of 6 or more, you can use and low-rise buildings outside the small cross section of casement window or sliding window, usually in three wind pressure strength.
5, corrosion resistance: PVC profile with unique formula, has good corrosion resistance, the choice of hardware such as corrosion, stainless steel profile, about 10 times the steel window of life.
6, be able to bear or endure: PVC profile with unique formula to improve their resistance to cold iron and long-term use in the large environment of temperature difference between (- 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃), sunlight, water, won’t make it bad. The phenomenon such as aging, embrittlement, the first steel doors and Windows have been used for 30 years, the material is complete, this calculation, under normal circumstances, the service life of plastic doors and Windows for 50 years.
6 production methods
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The store
Profiles and hard to avoid in the transport, rough, sharp objects contact friction, avoid high temperature during the period of storage, sunshine, rain, dust, oil, corrosive chemicals, and other damage. Profiles are stored in the outdoor must cover protection, non-white files should be kept away from light.
Cutting speed of 60-70 – m/s;
Ensure proper feed rate; Blunt serrate or lower will cause rapid feedrate
Mouth defect;
Accurately adjust the blade Angle is 45 degrees, 0.5 degrees Angle of error;
In strict accordance with the given length limit, the length of the error is less than 0.5 mm;
Files should be less after cutting, welding completed within 48 hours. In order to avoid long time storage in the wound surface contamination, affect the quality of the welding.
Drilling and milling
Feed rate and cutting speed of drilling hole depth increases, reduce;
The hole diameter is greater than 20 mm should use double groove drill, drill hole diameter greater than 40 mm should be used to reduce progress.
Welding parameters, meet the following requirements:
Welding plate temperature: 245-250 degrees
Preheat time: > 30 s
Pressing time: > 30 s
Welding pressure: 0.2-0.3 mp
Welding is not yellow.
Avoid the cooling of the fillet weld is completed, dramatic effect, clear the corner or around the weld after drilling and milling cutting welding at least one minute to complete.
After the Angle
With welding cooling can not add in any manner.
Best Angle after welding is completed: 1 minute to 30 minutes, in order to ensure access to quality of weld strength and fillet weld cleaning effect.
The adornment of the both sides of the plane Angle plane groove 3 mm wide, not more than 0.3 mm.
Because of the depth of cut is too big or too blunt tool left clear impact intensified internal Angle will lead to reduce the welding strength.
An internal Angle (especially the seals installed slot) drill cut is too deep or too big lead to welding Angle range will decrease, affect the water tightness.
The installation
Any installation not too nervous, and make sure the glue is longer than installation slot length of about 2%.
Plastic window
Plastic window
Casement window frame, the seal fan was surrounded by a between the transverse docking between edge should be, don’t butt in the corner, rather than into a paragraph. Article in the corner is smooth.
Glass sealing pressure should be a bottom to cut at 45 degree Angle, ensure the strip length and cutting Angle of friendly tight. Color for better sealing tape interface.
Select the appropriate sealing types according to the thickness of the glass.
Seal must be installed to the groove, in order to ensure the normal seal and glass.
Many connection does not allow the same slot.
7 installation
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Plastic swing
Plastic swing
Should be installed in glass mat, glass and rubber is fixed on the rim.
Recommend 5 mm float glass.
Rows of steel
When meet the following conditions, one of the members must be lined with reinforced steel cavity; Casement window:
1300 mm, equal to or greater than the length of the belt members, members of the belt length is equal to or greater than 1200 mm;
B level framework and vertical member length equal to or greater than 900 mm;
C, install hardware accessories.
Sliding window:
1300 mm, equal to or greater than the length of the belt;
B, window frame, the thickness of 45 mm or more part equal to or greater than the length of 1000 mm, thickness more than 25 mm, length is equal to or greater than 900 mm;
C, the lower frame frame length equal to or greater than 700 mm, when the pulley does not directly bear the weight of the steel lining glass reinforced;
D, hardware installation auxiliary components.
4 mm fasteners, self tapping screw, or increase the gasket self tapping screw, drill hole base should be less than 3.2 mm, in order to ensure the tightness.
Fixed screw does not exceed 100 mm at the ends of the steel wire, steel steel fasteners to ensure that not less than three, the distance less than 300 mm.
Drain hole groove
Must have at least two horizontal drainage channels, the size of the drainage channel, the minimum diameter under 5 x12mm box. The discharge of the internal and external transverse offset 50 mm, the largest spacing of ipsilateral adjacent drainage channel less than 60 mm.
8 development
The editor
Our PVC profile production capacity has reached 500 million tons/year. The great
PVC profiles
Profile steel (5)
Some manufacturers can’t production, there is a serious overproduction and homogeneous competition. Our steel file commonly used national standard GB / 8814-8814, national enterprise’s inspection also refer to the standard production. Europe and the United States is different, what kind of single circulation in the market, most of the series of data Windows and door 60 mm 80 mm series sliding window profile. More than two size accounts for more than 80% of total consumption.